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Check it out, a heartbeat away from the presidency and she struggles discussing domestic issues.  Republican Party, there were better options. Advertisements

Volkswagen unveiled their MKVI GTI design study today and its a great evolution of the MKV.  The MKVI has a more scultped and more refined look to it.  The interior looks outstanding as usual and that steering looks great.  Cannot wait to see one in person.  The engine is going to be a 2.0T with […]

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  $700 billion bailout for America’s financial firms Despite the importance of this bailout and what it means to the American public, someone stands to make a lot of money at our (taxpayer) cost.  I implore you to contact your Senator or Representative to make sure they a) protect you, the taxpayer b) ensure this […]

will all be rocking a show in Charlotte on Sept. 20 (Today) @ Amos.  I won’t be there because I’m DJing elsewhere, but I want to be so you should too.

DJ Emuneee “Lunch Muneee Mix Please download (FREE) the “Lunch Muneee Mix” featuring good hip hop all around the edges…no burnt crust here.  Also check me out at around town in Raleigh @ Pajama Jam at Shaw U. on 9/26 @ 10PM Return of the Muneee Mixshow on WKNC 88.1FM Raleigh I will be posting […]

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