Ask your mom for lunch muneee!


DJ Emuneee “Lunch Muneee Mix

Please download (FREE) the “Lunch Muneee Mix” featuring good hip hop all around the edges…no burnt crust here.  Also check me out at around town in Raleigh @

Pajama Jam at Shaw U. on 9/26 @ 10PM

Return of the Muneee Mixshow on WKNC 88.1FM Raleigh

I will be posting other mixtapes soon!


One Response to “Ask your mom for lunch muneee!”

  1. LOL did you come up with “Ask your mom for lunch muneee” ??? That is fire lol. If so, I may need your creative juices for my webpage…when I finally do something with it.

    See I got a page on here too that I’ma attempt to do something with. You are a bad influence, gave me something new to spend time messing with and NOT focusing on school lol.

    Anyway, great job with everything your doing!

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