Just Some North Carolina Voting Information


Some information I came across on a discussion board that is important to know:

Voting Information you need to know….

The offices of President and Vice President of the United States are NOT included in a Straight Party vote. This contest must be voted separately. Though straight ticket vote is not encouraged if you elect this option, PLEASE make sure you cast your vote for PRESIDENT and then select the STRAIGHT Party Option. Also Non-Partisan Offices and Bonds are voted separately.

Early Voting begins October 16th and will end on Nov 1st at 1PM. Voters are HIGHLY encouraged to take advantage of early voting to avoid the long crowds on Tuesday, November 4th.

Voter registration closed on Friday, October 10th, HOWEVER, you may REGISTER and VOTE during early voting Oct 16 – Nov 1st.
In North Carolina , you can wear campaign clothing to the polls as long as you don’t leave campaign materials or campaign while in the voting location.

www. politifact.com and http://www.factcheck. org are non-partisan sites that research claims made by the parties and candidates and provide you with the facts behind each issue.

Finally the mixtape is almost complete…..


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