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I have been working on this for the past 24 hours…but alas, I have something to present.  I have a working Windows Mobile application detailing my Google Reader POC.  This POS (lol!) POC simply uses my Google username and password to establish a session with Google Reader.  Once that happens, I use the session information […]

Me Fotos is done!…but not done in the sense ya’ll are thinking.  I did some preliminary investigation into methods I would use to get the pictures from Facebook and to your computer efficiently.  And my methods worked, however, I just lost interest.  I’ll post the source code soon for whomever wants to use it. Moving […]

Big big big week, just got approved for a mortgage, which means good music for you. I present to you Thee Official Preapproved Muneee Mixshow Podcast EP6. Crazy joints! Starter Muneee Part II coming sooooooon! DJ e$ @ Alpha Jam – Fri. 2/20 – Talley Student Center, Raleigh, NC DJ e$ @ Club Black Tie […]

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Luv of Muneee


DJ e$ gives you the “Luv of Muneee” Mix. I’m slowing it down and mixing the hottest R&B tracks from the last 40 years. Download it, stream it, burn it to CD, give it to someone else, spread the word. Coming up imminently, Starter Muneee Part II, e$ Street Mix, & Muneee Mixshow Episode 7! […]

This Friday (2/16) is the first first DJ e$ Free Mu$ic Friday! “For the Luv of Muneee” Slow-Jams Valentine’s Day Mixtape — Drops Monday, 2/9/2009 “Starter Muneee Part II” The absolute best in golden-era hip hop “Muneee Mixshow Episode 6” DJ e$ Street mix “Muneee Mixshow Episode 7” Muneee Mixshow Podcast All the rest drop […]

Me and my boy decided to go down to the new Raleigh Convention Center and check out the NC International Auto Show…now its nothing comparable to the NAIAS, but they had some nice cars out.  Check out the pictures.  These were taken with my Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1a.  Decent pictures. NC International Auto Show 2009