Windows Mobile Google Reader Client POC


I have been working on this for the past 24 hours…but alas, I have something to present.  I have a working Windows Mobile application detailing my Google Reader POC.  This POS (lol!) POC simply uses my Google username and password to establish a session with Google Reader.  Once that happens, I use the session information to request information regarding my Google Reader feeds.  In the case of the POC, I am requesting all the data detailing my feeds that are tagged with the ‘Tech’ label.  The data sent back is formatted in XML…so I’ll need a robust and efficient XML parser for this project. 🙂  Check out the images for a more visual explanation.

My next steps from here is to architect the software from a high level and figure out what features should and shouldn’t be in a light Windows Mobile Google Reader client.  Once that is complete, I dig in.  Any ideas/features you would like to see?


2 Responses to “Windows Mobile Google Reader Client POC”

  1. So what language/toolsets are you using to develop this? I haven’t had great experiences with XML parsers in Java….don’t really have a great suggestion, but I’d be willing to help vet some good parsers

    let me know

  2. 2 emuneee

    I’m going to be using C#/.NET Compact Framework 3.5 for this project. There is an XmlReader (xml parser) in the .NET Compact library that can traverse XML nodes/attributes, however, I’m not to sure on its performance. But yea, if you can find some proven xml parsers designed for mobile applications, that would be great.

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