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Blog post about a blog post…lol.  The Premium Blend by The Spitzwell Brotherz, mixed by yours truly, was featured in well known blog –  Check the link out below for the post. If you missed the on air interview of the Spitzwell on WKNC (shoutouts to DJ J Wall) then your in luck.  It […]

The Spitzwell Brotherz will be on air tomorrow night (3/25) at WKNC 88.1FM @ 10PM for DJ J. Wall’s Mixshow! Tune in, check it out. Following that, check out the Late Night Mixshow w/ DJ Nominal at 11:59PM. It’s going to be “Live live live live live live live” -DJ Nominal DJ J. Wall – […]

Just to change it up from hip hop, programming, and tech.  The newly redesigned MK6 Volkswagen Golf GTI will be headed to the US…this summer. This is surprising, because VW is notorius for released the next-generation model in Europe years ahead of releasing it in the U.S. As far as looks, its polarizing, but I […]

The first screen is done.  It is a login screen that requests your Google account information.  This is required to access the feeds stored in your Google Reader account.  It’s a simple screen with textboxes for the username and password.  There is also an option to save your information so you can avoid typing it […]

I am still working hard on this Windows Mobile Google Reader Client. The core functionality is complete, all that is left is the development of the user interface. I was tempted to incorporate so flash bang controls with transparency and all that, but for this first iteration I will forgo that iin favor of the […]