Speeed Reader Updates


It’s been sometime since I posted an update regarding the Speeed Reader project.  I have been doing some other things like DJing and work (some Playstation 3 – just bought Madden 2009 for $40 and imported my NCAA 2009 legend…but I digress)!

Development has continued despite my schedule.  I have been working hard on several components of this project.  Instead of the list I have before, here is a new revision:


  • FeedEngine: parse ATOM/RSS feeds for important data
  • ReaderEngine: interfaces with the Google Reader server
  • ReeederManager: core of the SR application, contains all objects and logic for managing information retrieved from Google Reader
  • UI: self-explanatory


I have gotten to a point where I can parse and display information about each tag I created using my Google Reader account and information regarding each subscription.  Take a look at the pictures demonstrating this.

Just a note, the UI will not resemble what you see in the pictures.  What you are seeing is the test interface.  Allows me to execute functions more easily.  I have several concepts for the SR UI in my mind…with finger-friendliness, speed, and ease of use as priorities.

What you are seeing in picture 2 is each tag and the number of unread articles with that tag.

The third picture is each subscription, it’s tag, and the number of unread articles within that subscription…a subscription being a single RSS feed.


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