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Speeed Reader v0.7 will be released tomorrow.  Big update UI and functionality wise, so I had to use/test it extensively to make sure it was stable enough for release.  Look for it tomorrow night.  Some updates are: New icon for program Icons by each tag, subscription, article displaying whether an item is read, unread, starred […]

Pretty active day in the mobile realm.  Some reviews, product announcements, and hands-on. Sony Ericsson Launched three handsets today.  The Satio, Aino, & Yari. Satio – Aino – Yari – T-Mobile/HTC G2 Gizmodo has a brief review of a prototype T-Mobile/HTC G2 Android device up.  Looks really nice, better than the G1. […]

New release of Speeed Reader, primarily focused on speed and stability. V0.6 May 20, 2009 (If you downloaded before 9:15am and AppToDate is not picking up Speeed Reader, please download Speeed Reader again, I made a registry type that was causing AppToDate not to recognize Speeed Reader) Fixed two crashes dealing with empty lists Fixed […]

Speeed Reader v0.5 is available.  Download: (OLD VERSION) Please download v0.7 @ V0.5  – May 17, 2009 Implemented Mirabyte Touch UI for finger friendly lists and scrolling Fixed bug where Google API token would expire preventing the application from marking articles as read after some time Fixed crashes where no network/internet access exist Fixed […]

  New UI has been implemented.  Loooonnnng nights.  New version coming soon.

Check this video out.  “Filmography” (word?) at its best!  Too bad Top Gear USA was cancelled, for now.

The official Facebook application for Windows Mobile it out. Finally.