Speeed Reader v0.5 Available


Speeed Reader v0.5 is available.  Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tmu4tldyzmk/SpeeedReader.05.3494.CAB (OLD VERSION)

Please download v0.7 @ http://eeenno.emuneee.com/SpeeedReader/download/SpeeedReader.cab

V0.5  – May 17, 2009

  • Implemented Mirabyte Touch UI for finger friendly lists and scrolling
  • Fixed bug where Google API token would expire preventing the application from marking articles as read after some time
  • Fixed crashes where no network/internet access exist
  • Fixed bug where an article marked as read on the home tab wasn’t marked read in the Tag tab
  • Fixed issue with screen layout/sizing problems on devices with lower screen resolutions
  • Fixed backwards scroll when scrolling through lists

More information @ https://emuneee.wordpress.com/eeenno/speeed-reader


3 Responses to “Speeed Reader v0.5 Available”

  1. 1 Khidr

    Hey, just put the new version on my treo pro. Great work on this btw, I’ve been waiting for this sort of app for a long time.

    The new version has some font issues, specifically, the title of a post and the date are both cut off, not exactly fitting in their fields. Additionally, the UI no longer indicates which posts are new or read as the last version did (now it just alternates between white and grey fields).

    Anyhow, keep up the great work.

    • 2 emuneee

      What device are you using with Speeed Reader? Also, I should probaly put this in a help doc, but an asterik at the beginning of an item title signifies whether an item is read or not.

      • 3 Khidr

        I’m using a Treo Pro 320×320 screen. I do see the asteriks now, so good point.

        As far as the text formatting, I can also throw it on my Kaiser when I get home tonight to see if it’s a resolution issue.

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