Speeed Reader v0.6


New release of Speeed Reader, primarily focused on speed and stability.

V0.6 May 20, 2009 (If you downloaded before 9:15am and AppToDate is not picking up Speeed Reader, please download Speeed Reader again, I made a registry type that was causing AppToDate not to recognize Speeed Reader)

  • Fixed two crashes dealing with empty lists
  • Fixed crash where closing login form using the corner X/Ok causes unpredictable program behavior
  • Significant loading performance speed up
  • Ability to view reading list for all tags (excludes ‘Untagged’ tagged since there is no official Google Reader tag for this)
  • AppToDate Support – need to have AppToDate (http://www.apptodate.org/get) installed to use this feature.  AppToDate allows me to notify users  (and download) of updates without them having to come to this site to find it.


For more information on what Speeed Reader is, go to: https://emuneee.wordpress.com/eeenno/Speeed-Reader


4 Responses to “Speeed Reader v0.6”

  1. 1 Todd Mc

    Thanks for our hard work. I just downloaded the new version and I’m testing it. its just what I was looking for. I have a program like it on the iphone, but the iphone sucks ;( I like winmo better.

  2. sorry to put this out there. but using a Treo Pro with Windows Mobile 6.1 at 320×320.

    I have downloaded lastest build but error says need latest .Net or at least more than what I currently got.

    Updates show nothing needed and the file downloaded from Windows is a .msi file format? I don’t have the luxury of installing from within windows or using active sync.

    any suggestions?

    much obliged!

    • 4 emuneee

      Hmmm, there is a cab file that installs the .NET Compact Framework. I actually have a copy of it on my phone. I will upload it tomorrow and make it available for D/L.

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