Speeed Reader v0.7 Released!


Download -> http://eeenno.emuneee.com/SpeeedReader/download/SpeeedReader.cab

AppToDate users, you can download the update using the AppToDate application if you have v0.6 installed.

V0.7 – June 1, 2009

  • New icon for program
  • Icons by each tag, subscription, article displaying whether an item is read, unread, starred
  • UI redesign (consolidation tabs into one)
  • Touch scrolling in the browser
  • Ability to star articles
  • Ability to hide read articles
  • Multi-language support
  • Resolved issues with encoding (some characters did not display correctly)
  • Resolved issues with QVGA devices

It is very important to send me feedback, issues, or problems so I can resolve them.  Thank you for your contributions!


11 Responses to “Speeed Reader v0.7 Released!”

  1. 1 Bernhard

    Hi there,
    I just installed v0.7, liked the new II and then noticed that the touch scrolling feature does not work with my IE 6 mobile. (Touch HD, WM 6.1, cooked ROM)

    Is there anything I can do to help diagnosing/fixing the issue?

    • 2 emuneee

      Very interesting. It works perfectly (finger scrolling in browser) on my X1. I will run it on the Win 6.1 emulator and see what I find.

      • 3 Bernhard

        I think the new Internet explorer is the key since I see the same phenomenon with BeyondPod. Maybe the Browser Control API works different? Another effect is that the width of the post window is not fitted to the screen. I’ll gladly run any tests you need…

      • 4 emuneee

        The browser control does use an instance of Pocket IE. I will have to flash a Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM and try that to see what you are seeing. Thanks for the feedback, I will get back to you with my findings.

      • 5 Bernhard

        Any success?

      • 6 emuneee

        I haven’t had too much luck with the new version of Pocket IE. I am still investigating the issue (all issues) revolving around the new Pocket IE.

  2. 7 khidr

    The new build is fantastic! All of the formatting issues are resolved on my treo pro. Great work man… awesome app.

    • 8 emuneee

      Thanks for the feedback. Are there any features you would like to see in future releases?

  3. 9 TigrouTigreFou


    I just discovered Google Reader (yeah, I know, I’m late !) and so, your app !
    It works perfectly on my HTC Diamond WM6.1 !
    Nice visual, nice response time, nice “accentued caracters” management …
    I’m falling in love !

  4. 10 surly

    I am using a TouchPro, stock rom, some mods and registry tweaks, but nothing cooked.

    first of all, loads quickly, fairly smooth UI and the scrolling is nice.

    and here are my observations/wants:

    -ability to read next article when viewing an article
    -so you don’t have to scroll back and then have to click another article

    -when going back/forward, ability to swipe left/right

    -ability to use d-pad to select items
    -you have to touch the screen first, you can’t just navigate by using d-pad

    -ability to view all items in tag
    -instead of selecting tag, then having to select each individual feed
    should add option at top of each to view all feeds within the tagged group

    -having to login each time you start the program is a bit annoying

    the program crashed on my when trying to refresh. (I have a lot of feeds)

    your app works very similar to pRSS Reader.
    you should download and check it out. it did something well, and other things not so well and you could learn from it’s mistakes.


    looking forward to next version.
    for right now, i will stick to the mobile version of reader in Opera Beta.


  1. 1 Google Reader on Windows Mobile: Speeed Reader at tom.morr.is

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