Minor Speeed Reader Update Tomorrow Night


I will be releasing a minor update, v0.71, tomorrow night to address some stability/functionality issues and adding auto-login.  Following that, expect v0.80 in two/three weeks (from tomorrow).  It’s a long time, but I am trying to wrap up a lot loose ends in v0.80.  Slowly approaching v1.0!  Thanks for the support, thus far!  Please keep sending me feedback.

I currently test all my builds against STOCK Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro builds on my XPERIA and in the WM emulator.  There have been a lot of issues regarding the browser component.  Last week, I briefly flashed my X1 with the latest WM6.5 build and encountered the same issues.  If you use WM6.1 and use a non-stock ROM, it’s probaly going to be hard for me to diagnose your issues, as some behavior maybe modified from stock.

I did just download the Windows Mobile 6.5 SDK, so I look forward to solving these issues soon.

Also, v0.80, I will be prototyping support for Windows Mobile Standard devices (non touchscreen Windows phones).


2 Responses to “Minor Speeed Reader Update Tomorrow Night”

  1. 1 Fede

    Love to see that you will include support for WM Standard! I can’t wait to see it!

    • 2 emuneee

      Thanks for the feedback, I am experimenting with it now.

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