Speeed Reader v0.71


This is a minor update focused on stability and code optimizations.

V0.71 – June 10, 2009

  • Added auto-login capabilities, this option can be toggled at the login screen and in the settings
  • Added the option to load the reading list at startup
  • Renamed ‘Close’ to ‘Back’ (in the browser form)
  • Resolved a crash involving empty subscription list, program will end gracefully J
  • Code tightening and optimization

You can run AppToDate to download the latest version or download it here:



3 Responses to “Speeed Reader v0.71”

  1. 1 TigrouTigreFou

    Thx again for your software !

    Can we mark as “read” a entire “reading list” or category ?
    This function is available on the website but I didn’t find this on my phone (I have to read all articles).

    Is it possible ?

    Thx for your reply

    • 2 emuneee

      I have already implemented it in my own development builds. Still debugging, but its coming soon.

  2. 3 TigrouTigreFou

    Oh oh ! Great !
    Thx !

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