DJ E$, Where ya been?


Whats up, I’ve been away for quite some time.  Long story, so I’ll share.  In February I bought this legendary mixer:

Vestax PMC 08 Pro

Vestax PMC 08 Pro

It is a Vestax PMC 08 Pro.  Awesome mixer, rivals Rane in quality (not reliability).  I was well on my to crabbing/scratching with the pros.  Rocking parties, doing mixtapes, podcasts, etc.  Some weeks later one channel goes out.  I had to send it off to a repair shop in VA Beach (Alpha Music).  This is in March.  They have a two week backlog, I say okay, thats cool thinking I’ll have it back a couple weeks after that.  The techs at Alpha Music get to it and tell me they need to send it to a shop in Georgia for their specialized skills in replacing ICs.  Apparently an IC went bad in my mixer.  This was about mid April… forward to today (June 24!), I get a call that my mixer is fixed.  The shop in Georgia had trouble getting the parts needed to fix my mixer, so it took 4 months when it was all said and done.  Nonetheless, I expect to have my beloved mixer by next Friday family….just an update.  Muneee Mixshow Podcast is back in full effect and I have a bunch of music to get out there so stay tuned!


One Response to “DJ E$, Where ya been?”

  1. 1 surly

    just buy a Rane. mine blew out and was out of warranty and i sent it in, they fixed it for less than $200 and returned it super quick. meanwhile, i was able to keep skratchin on my old PMC 05-Pro. i was glad to have the Rane TTM 56 back… the faders dont bleed on Ranes. Vestax mixers bleed like Ming Lee… Ming Lee GOOD FUCK!!!!

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