Speeed Reader v0.80, What’s coming?


Next version of Speeed Reader, some new features:

  • Facebook\Twitter integration (ability to share/tweet articles)
  • Mark Articles, Subscriptions, and Tags (and everything) as read
  • View articles (snippet or entire article) in your default browser
  • Ability to share articles (in Google Reader)
  • Paginating the list ui object and ability to view more articles

And bug fixes.  I am working hard to make this next release as stable (and functional) as possible.

My goal (lol) is to have this version out in two weeks.  There have been some delays in getting new versions ready.  I do work fulltime and DJ so it’s some what difficult to get releases out in a timely manner.  I appreciate the support however!  If you have anymore ideas, for this program, let me know!


7 Responses to “Speeed Reader v0.80, What’s coming?”

  1. 1 some guy

    wow, that sounds incredibly great! really appreciate your work there and check your blog every day in the hope there’s some update on speeedreader. can’t wait to see 0.8!
    working in china atm and love reading news with your tool on the subway. and its also a way to get around the censorship, since googlereader’s not blocked, but the actual RSS feeds are..

    • 2 emuneee

      Thats awesome some guy,

      I am working hard on v0.80, I almost have all the features incorporated. Thanks for the support!

  2. 3 vornn

    I love this, great when I’m out and about and need a quick fix of rss goodness.

    thanks again

    : )

  3. 4 dre

    Just stumbled across your mobile RSS reader (it’s the first i’ve tried) and it’s great. It’s everything I was looking for (except I didn’t know what i was looking for till i found it). Light, intuitive, touch friendly, and g-reader synching… my mobile search began, and may have ended with your program. Great work!

  4. What’s the latest on this? Have you given up?

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