End of an Era – My Mixer is Back


So my mixer is on theee way from Alpha Music after a long 4 months (since March) of service, waiting, sitting, and chillin’.  However, A LOT, has gone right (and wrong) in the world since then.  So let’s recap:

  • I closed on a house (and moved in, and stripped the popcorn texture from the celing, and painted)
  • GM & Chrsyler file for bankruptcy protection, Chrysler gets bought by Fiat
  • Circuit City goes bankrupt
  • Iranians elect vote for their new leader.  Shenanigans are called on the election results and civil unrest soon follow
  • Michael Jackson dies, BET subsequently attempts to tribute the King of Pop, but fails miserably
  • Billy Mays dies
  • Ed McMahon dies
  • Atlanta for a bachelor party
  • Atlanta for a wedding
  • Greensboro for a wedding
  • Apple iPhone 3G[S] is released
  • Palm Pre is released
  • NY Jets draft Mark Sanchez (QB) from USC
  • Speeed Reader is unveiled and updated 4 times
  • Republican Governor (SC) Mark Sanford flies to Argentina to “visit” an old friend, he is then subsequently discovered in an Atlanta airport
  • J. Cole, from Fayetteville NC,  signs with RocNation (Jay-Z’s label) and releases “The Warmup” Mixtape
  • Eminem drops album and goes platinum
  • Rapper Big Pooh drops “Delightful Bars”
  • Flo Rida drops an album and no-one cares
  • The Stig (from Top Gear) is revealed!
  • The GLI goes to the shop 4 times for various maintenance and repair items
  • Thousands of college students graduate college into the abyss that is the current job market
  • Chris Brown batters Rihanna
  • Rihanna batters her clothing, pictures for all
  • Swine Flu H1n1 races across the globe, millions everywhere START washing their hands
  • T.I. goes to prison

Did I miss anything?


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