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Highly anticipated mixtape hosted by DJ E$ (me).  King Mez is truth rocking the mike along side Donnie Vash.  Hit up for more from them.  But download this joint, it’s crrrrrrraaaaaazzzzzzzzzeeeeee! Tracklist: Hail Hello Sweeny ft. Gabrielle & Rex Ruger Skit Kicks and Emceez Introduction Soulful ft. Mrson Be Yourself You Already Know My […]

Speeed Reader v0.83 (the updates come fast! lol) will be out on Wednesday night.  It will feature the long-awaited Windows Smartphone Support & a fix for a crash using Skyfire/Opera Mobile 9.7 external browsers.  If you have any issues, please please contact me at so we can get your fixes in before v0.83 comes […]

Speeed Reader v0.82 fixes an error seen when your Google Reader account contains 0 unread articles. You can download it here or by running AppToDate.

Because of a bug where the program will not open if you have zero unread articles, I will be releasing another Speeed Reader build tomorrow. Thanks to those who have reported the issue. I am working really hard on making Speeed Reader the most stable, robust, and easy to use Google Reader Client/RSS reader. Offline […]

Bug-fix release fixes these primary issues: Unable to open article in external browser while viewing the article using the internal browser Articles “kept unread” in Google Reader desktop will be marked as read in Speeed Reader Some users weren’t able to login even though their credentials were correct Thank you to the beta testers and […]

Middle of the week eh?  Have a Muneee Monday #2 podcast.  NEW music.  Check the tracklist.  As always, listen, enjoy, share, share, share!  Artists can submit music to Tracklist: Stat Quo “What Can I Do” King Mez “My Homie John Told Me” Fabolous ft. Drake “Put It In The Bag Remix” De La Soul […]

Speeed Reader v0.80 out! Please download Speeed Reader v0.81 which is now available.  For more information: (Old)Download New! v0.81 New features include: * Twitter integration – Tweet articles * Broadcast/share articles on Google Reader * Mark All Articles/Subscription/Tag as read * Slightly Redesigned UI * Moved settings to a file (instead of the registry) […]