Speeed Reader v0.80 Available


Speeed Reader v0.80 out! Please download Speeed Reader v0.81 which is now available.  For more information: https://emuneee.wordpress.com/2009/07/22/speeed-reader-v0-81/

(Old)Download New! v0.81

New features include:

* Twitter integration – Tweet articles
* Broadcast/share articles on Google Reader
* Mark All Articles/Subscription/Tag as read
* Slightly Redesigned UI
* Moved settings to a file (instead of the registry)
* Ability to view articles in your default browser
* Slew of performance increases and bug fixes
* WinMo 6.1 Standard support (will be released a couple days after the Pocket PC version)

Let me know what you think!

Please see https://emuneee.wordpress.com/eeenno/speeed-reader/ before asking any questions

You can also follow Speeed Reader on Twitter for the latest updates and to ask direct questions to me, the developer. http://twitter.com/SpeeedReader


7 Responses to “Speeed Reader v0.80 Available”

  1. 1 Tom

    Just tried it quickly, awesome app! looks like a lot of progress has been made!

    Just noticed one thing: I read a post which was then marked as read, did a refresh which marked the post as read on the google reader web app. I then marked it as unread in the web app and then refreshed it back to my winmo device (had to restart speeed reader to get it to appear), when I selected the feed which was now showing 1 unread article it gave me “error: unable to load articles”, the other feeds with unread items loaded fine (using Touch Pro – windows 6.1 pro).

    Also, in the tags view, is there any way to make it show only feeds with unread posts?

    • 2 emuneee

      Hi Tom,

      I assume you are NOT downloading read articles. I understand your issue however. Google Reader marks articles kept unread differently. I will fix this issue release the next version tomorrow.

    • 3 emuneee

      Hi, Tom, your issue is resolved in the latest released version. v0.81. Thanks for submitting this bug.

  2. Better than 7.x!!! 🙂

    I like the new share function!!! 🙂

    How can I decrease the size of font in content view?
    How can I turn off the horizontal scroll bar? And please reduce the size of the image to the content area.
    I would like to start the app with “Reading List” view. How?
    Why not load the picture to content view? I should be moved the scroll bar, after the picture is loading.

  3. 5 Todd

    The new functions of 8.0 seem awesome so far (thanks for the work on this). I just noticed one problem… when wi-fi is turned on I get an error that says “There has been an error retrieving data from Google Reader” after I try to login. I am able to access my GR when wi-fi is off.

    I am using an HTC Touch Pro with Windows 6.1

    • 6 emuneee

      Hi Todd, try the new v0.81, that I just released. Let’s see if this fixes your issues.

      • 7 Todd

        I am now having this problem all the time (both with wi-fi on and off). It seems to me like it is successfully logging in, but then spits out the error message “There has been an error retrieving data from Google Reader”.

        Please let me know if you need any other information from me to try to resolve this. Hope we are able to get it working again… I am really stating to like this application! 🙂

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