Speeed Reader v0.90 Progress


What’s up!  This is just a quick update, I am making great progress on v0.90.  This will be one of the biggest releases to date and will include oft-requested feature, offline mode.  With that said, since a lot has changed (still changing) under the hood, a lot of testing will need to be done on a variety of devices.  If you are interested in joining the beta test team, please email me -> SpeeedReader AT gmail DOT com.  Gotta get back to development now 😉


4 Responses to “Speeed Reader v0.90 Progress”

  1. 1 Veinard

    Hello, emuneee! Thx for great software, Speeed Reader is just what I needed. Btw, are you going to add touch-based navigation? You know, when you move you finger from left to right, and the next article in the feed is displayed.

  2. 2 bingem

    great app mate, keep up the good work!

    just needs 2 things to be a permanent fixture on my tg01: offline mode and touch scrolling in the article view (would also be nce to get rid of the horizontal scrol bar in the same view and the article list showed a non-truncated feed-title)

  3. 3 bingem

    Awesome app, keep up the good work!

    would be nice to get touch scrolling in the article view and non-truncated article titles in the list view tho.

  4. 4 Bongman

    Thanks and congratulations… this is the app I was desesperately looking for…!!!
    I use Feedly in Firefox, and I was absolutely tired of the mobile version of Google Reader… What you got here is awsome… thanks again!

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