Whats up people, I just wanted to let everyone know what are the 10 Most Valuable Windows Mobile Programs (MV(WM)P) to me!  In no particular order:

  • Twikini – To be honest, by far the best (for me) Twitter client available for Windows Mobile.  Twikini continues to be updated as well.  I hope they add searching and trend access.  Hit me up on Twitter ->
  • Google Maps – Speaks for itself.  With the AGPS on my X1, I always know where I am at.
  • WMWifiRouter – I just stumbled upon this application the other day.  Very valuable, especially if you go somewhere without publicly available wifi access, but have a decent data connection with your WM device.
  • PHM RegEdit – I am a Windows Mobile tweaker, so being able to edit the registry and important.  Great program.
  • Finger Keyboard – Outstanding keyboard that enables me to type via my touchscreen.
  • fim (Facebook IM) – A very powerful application.  Allows me to hop on Facebook IM from my phone.  I can also upload photos, change my status, and access mobile Facebook from within the application.
  • Opera Mobile – great browser, however, the webkit-based browser, Dorothy is a strong up-and-comer
  • Google Youtube – Allows me to watch Youtube videos on my phone.  Even raises the video quality when I have connected to a wifi network.
  • KeePassPPC – Allows me to store all my passwords and username that I tend to forget if I don’t write them down.
  • Speeed Reader – Do you really need an explanation? Theee premier Windows Mobile Google Reader client.

I hope this list helps someone find an application they can use multiple times per day.  What are some of yours?


2 Responses to “MV(WM)P”

  1. 1 Razma

    Here it goes:

    Live Mesh for syncing over the net, in real peer 2 peer fashion.

    Pocket Informant. Serious calendar has a name.

    OneNote… quite basic at the time, but still highly usable. Waiting for the much needed 2010 version including ability to open notebooks in native desktop format, though.

    Total Commander for file+registry handling.

  2. 2 Bongman

    PocketTwit (for me) is better than Twikini. More services supported and has a cooler interface. Good list!

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