Speeed Reader v0.90 on Windows Mobile 6.5


Just to let you all know, on the OFFICIAL build (I am using 21867*) of Windows Mobile 6.5, Speeed Reader v0.90 works great.  As a matter of fact, my primary development device (X1) has an official WM6.5 ROM on it.  I will try and post a video of it in action in the next couple days.

My goal is to have v0.90 out between next Monday and Wednesday.

*EDIT.  I am using the great Windows Mobile 6.5 WCX Pure ROM by WildChild.  If you have an X1 and would like an OEM-type fast and stable rom -> http://wcxxperia-nce.com

The next step is to get Speeed Reader v1.0 in the Windows Mobile Marketplace!


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