Speeed Reader v0.90 Available



V0.90 – October 23, 2009

  • New feature: Article Caching/Offline mode
  • New feature: Search
  • New feature: Share articles via email/sms
  • New feature: Download more articles for tag reading list
  • New feature: Mark (new) articles unread
  • New feature: Hide read subscriptions and articles
  • New feature: Send me direct feedback
  • Enhancement: Now using Bit.ly for URL shortening
  • Enhancement: Dynamic manual article refreshing
  • Enhancement: Progress bar is back
  • Enhancement: Correct font sizes for QVGA devices
  • Enhancement: Newly designed settings UI
  • Enhancement: New Mirabyte Controls module
  • Bug Fix: Feed URLs contain ‘?’ now load correctly (no more “There are 0 articles to read”)

Please send any questions, feedback,  or problem inquiries to SpeeedReader@gmail.com.  I’ll do my best to respond in a quick manner.  There will be two or three more maintenance releases to fix bugs and add some minor functionality.  If you have any issues, it is important to contact me, so I can get your fixes into these maintenance releases.

Windows Mobile 6.5 devices – the article browsing issue still exists in some builds of Windows Mobile, this will be fixed in Speeed Reader v1.00 which is due out in a couple weeks.


12 Responses to “Speeed Reader v0.90 Available”

  1. What’s the best way to upgrade – uninstalling the old app first, or installing the new on top of the old?

    • 2 emuneee

      Install over the top or uninstalling the app first should be fine. When you install over the app, it uninstalls the old version anyway,

  2. It’s glad to see offiline mode,however,I download 0.9 cab,my phone is Dopod 838 (QVGA) PPC6.1,however,the offiline mode (setting )is unable to be selected? what should i do ?

    • 5 emuneee

      You have to first run through a full refresh (with caching enabled) for the offline mode to be selectable.

      • what do you mean full refresh ?
        “Menu-Fresh” and the system notified that “last refresh 16:51”
        Did that mean full refresh?
        However i still can’t use offline mode,what should i do?

        my setting:
        article cache location:memory card
        articles to cache per feed:unlimited
        Download size:75 articles
        allow data while roaming:true
        download images :true
        offline mode :unable to be selected

        the other’s option are all selected to default.

  3. 7 Ken

    Can podcasts also be saved for offline access? Also, is the only way to play podcasts with the default browser? Thanks for the great app!

    • 8 emuneee

      Podcasts aren’t currently supported. I may get to podcast integration sometime in the future however. Thanks.

  4. 9 cojonuo

    Hello, thanks for this great app.

    I have a question, I don’t know if is a bug or not. When I use the offline mode, read a feed then close and open the aplication, the feed appear unread, is this a bug?.

    Correct me I’m wrong, but the syncronization between reader feed and google in offline mode are not implement. You have plan to do this in the future?

    Thank for your effort! Great work!

  5. 10 cojonuo

    Thanks, but I don’t explain me good. The program don’t shutting down, I close the program and I open this, then the offline reade feed appear like unread. And my other questions? thanks.

  6. 11 John

    When this program works it’s fantastic. I’ve been a longtime user of Egress, but SpeeedReader takes it one step further and enables coordination with the cloud. (These are the only two RSS readers I know of that make sending links by email possible.)

    However I get exceptions and crashes on the program every day. At one point I found I could get a good load if I reduced the number of channels – supporting your idea that it’s a memory issue – but at other times it’s just unstable when I do dumb things like hit the refresh button when it’s already refreshing. At other times when I come back from an article, especially if I’ve gone into the browser, it won’t reload the folder correctly, instead just displaying a blank page. Another thing I’ve observed is that I can’t go from offline to online without the program shutting down.

    These are some fairly random observations I’m afraid, but as the program’s author maybe you can see a pattern to them that points to a single elegant tweak that solves everything. I think this is a wonderful program and will happily pay what you’re asking for a working version. Best of luck on this.

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