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I introduced a crash last night where if you start Speeed Reader with caching disabled, it crashes.  Well I fixed it.  Sorry 🙂 V0.93 – November 19, 2009 Bug Fix: Crash when starting Speeed Reader with cachning disabled (introduced in v0.92) Bug Fix: Minor layout issues in the UI Advertisements Primarily a maintenance release (fixes for the following user and beta tester reported bugs): Bug: Passwords containing ‘&’ result in login issue (fixes login issue for some users) Bug: Search index always zero Bug: Not requesting all new articles in last refresh (with caching enabled) Bug: Crash when starring a reading list article Bug: […]

Speeed Reader is nominated for “Best Windows Mobile Freeware 2009” at in the miscellaneous software category.  Please vote for Speeed Reader and other great Windows Mobile software and you will be entered into a drawing to win the magnificent HTC Touch HD2. Direct Link -> Thanks!

V0.91 – November 11, 2009 New Feature: 2 new themes (Noir – dark/black, Beach – coral/turquoise) Enhancement: When navigating between multi-page lists, Speeed Reader will remember your page Enhancement: Added bytes transferred (estimate) to the about screen Enhancement: General Performance Increases/Memory Management Enhancement: Made error logging user configurable Bug Fix: Storage Card in Non-English Locale’s […]

Found a great article on how virtual memory on Windows Mobile devices is handled.  If you have an application all of a sudden exit/quit on you, well you application has run out of virtual memory.

I just wanted to post some insight on the future of Speeed Reader.  Speeed Reader started in March ’09 as a personal project of mine to gauge my ability to bring a product from concept to reality.  If you look back on every Speeed Reader release, it has come a loooonnnggg way.  With that said, […]

So Eblogeee has a variety of posting from Speeed Reader, to cellphones, to Volkswagens, to hip hop, and other random posts.  I am also transitioning in life as well, but more about that later.  I have purchased and have it hosted by GoDaddy.  Over the next two months, I will be migrating from having […]