Cannot Wait


[rant]I cannot wait to leave Windows Mobile for Android.  I need an Android 2.0 phone with ATT 3G bands and I’m dropping Windows Mobile like its hot….smh[/rant]

Disclaimer: Rant fueled by my Xperia’s inability to download more than 5 hours worth of email from my gmail account via Microsoft Exchange.


One Response to “Cannot Wait”

  1. 1 Emre SÜMENGEN

    That’s what I’m thinking too, but unfortunately there are no valid options here in Turkey. I wish I had the chance to get a Hero/DROID (or X10 for better) now!

    I like the Diamond with respect to hardware specs, but WM is choking it to death every passing second.

    (Last night, I did try to sync it with my new Win7 netbook. It was already working together with my work notebook with XP and Gmail Exchange… Guess what happened? During the sync process, the “WINDOWS” directory got wiped/trashed… That’s soo damn bad programming)

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