Future of Speeed Reader


I just wanted to post some insight on the future of Speeed Reader.  Speeed Reader started in March ’09 as a personal project of mine to gauge my ability to bring a product from concept to reality.  If you look back on every Speeed Reader release, it has come a loooonnnggg way.  With that said, Speeed Reader is slowly approaching the almight V ONE POINT OOOOOOO.  My strategy with Speeed Reader will be as follows.

Speeed Reader V1.00 will be a paid application in Windows Marketplace for Mobile very soon.  For an undecided price between $1.99 – $2.99.  It will offer full Windows Mobile 6.5 compatibility, partially redesigned UI, and some new functionality.  I will also be adopting the Twikini model where those who right short reviews of my application will get it free.  Also, those who (some) who supported me when I was maintaining Speeed Reader at XDA-Developers will get it free as well.  Finally, beta testers always get it free.

(If Windows Marketplace for Mobile isn’t offered in your region or for your device, alternate arrangements will be made)

I will maintain a free version of Speeed Reader, the v0.9X branch.  There will be no new features after the next maintenance release, however, I will continue to offer this version from my website for free and make maintenance releases as necessary.

Thanks for your support so far.  Just for the record, looking at my GoDaddy logs, Speeed Reader has achieved 16,000+ downloads!  Thanks!

UPDATE:  I have read ALL of your bug reports and feedback.  Improvements will be coming to v0.91, due out soon.  Been a little busy, sorry for the wait.



One Response to “Future of Speeed Reader”

  1. 1 Robert

    Thanks for the updates! Looking forward to v1.0; thanks for all you’re doing…

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