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Check this video out.  “Filmography” (word?) at its best!  Too bad Top Gear USA was cancelled, for now. Advertisements


Just to change it up from hip hop, programming, and tech.  The newly redesigned MK6 Volkswagen Golf GTI will be headed to the US…this summer. This is surprising, because VW is notorius for released the next-generation model in Europe years ahead of releasing it in the U.S. As far as looks, its polarizing, but I […]

Me and my boy decided to go down to the new Raleigh Convention Center and check out the NC International Auto Show…now its nothing comparable to the NAIAS, but they had some nice cars out.  Check out the pictures.  These were taken with my Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1a.  Decent pictures. NC International Auto Show 2009

Volkswagen unveiled their MKVI GTI design study today and its a great evolution of the MKV.  The MKVI has a more scultped and more refined look to it.  The interior looks outstanding as usual and that steering looks great.  Cannot wait to see one in person.  The engine is going to be a 2.0T with […]