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So Eblogeee has a variety of posting from Speeed Reader, to cellphones, to Volkswagens, to hip hop, and other random posts.  I am also transitioning in life as well, but more about that later.  I have purchased and have it hosted by GoDaddy.  Over the next two months, I will be migrating from having […]

So my mixer is on theee way from Alpha Music after a long 4 months (since March) of service, waiting, sitting, and chillin’.  However, A LOT, has gone right (and wrong) in the world since then.  So let’s recap: I closed on a house (and moved in, and stripped the popcorn texture from the celing, […]

Parking Ticket


Ever got that parking ticket, well you can relate with this dude.  Hilarity. Check out dj emuneee @

Being a single (as in non-married) guy and having to cook and maintain a career is a challenge.  So it is not in my best interest to spend all my time after work cooking a thorough meal.  However, that doens’t mean you can’t enjoy good food.  Here is a recipe I recently developed to cook […]

Whats up, I was at the apartment watching college football and listening to De La Soul this past Friday when I thought it would be a good idea to create a 90s hip hop mixtape.  So look for it in the coming weeks.  Will definately feature artists like LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, De La […]



A lot has happened since my last post.  Most significantly, I was laid off from Sony Ericsson along with 400 other of my coworkers.  One of the saddest things I have seen.  But its not all bad.  The overall economy is in bad shape, however, as an electrical & computer engineer there are jobs all […]

Random Cent$


  $700 billion bailout for America’s financial firms Despite the importance of this bailout and what it means to the American public, someone stands to make a lot of money at our (taxpayer) cost.  I implore you to contact your Senator or Representative to make sure they a) protect you, the taxpayer b) ensure this […]