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Looks like Microsoft has finally released a hotfix for this. Please see the posted link for more information and where you can download the new .NET compact framework cab file. Some more information -> I will still be implementing my own browser in SpeeedReader v1.0 however. Advertisements

Speeed Reader v0.90 is feature complete at this point in development.  New features are: Article Caching/Offline Mode: probably the most requested feature, caching will allow you to download your feeds and access them when you don’t have internet connectivity Search: You can now search for specific articles.  Want to see all the articles related to […]

What’s up!  This is just a quick update, I am making great progress on v0.90.  This will be one of the biggest releases to date and will include oft-requested feature, offline mode.  With that said, since a lot has changed (still changing) under the hood, a lot of testing will need to be done on […]

Speeed Reader v0.80 is in the last phases of beta testing (thanks to all of the beta testers) and will be rolled out (barring any major discovered issues) this Sunday night. New features include: Twitter integration – Tweet articles Broadcast/share articles on Google Reader Mark All Articles/Subscription/Tag as read Slightly Redesigned UI Moved settings to […]

Next version of Speeed Reader, some new features: Facebook\Twitter integration (ability to share/tweet articles) Mark Articles, Subscriptions, and Tags (and everything) as read View articles (snippet or entire article) in your default browser Ability to share articles (in Google Reader) Paginating the list ui object and ability to view more articles And bug fixes.  I […]

Just a couple notes about future releases. I am approaching v1.0 so I will be ramping up my efforts to stamp out as many bugs as possible in the next couple releases.  Feedback is important, so if you have any issues or recommendations leave a comment or send me an email and I will try […]

This is a minor update focused on stability and code optimizations. V0.71 – June 10, 2009 Added auto-login capabilities, this option can be toggled at the login screen and in the settings Added the option to load the reading list at startup Renamed ‘Close’ to ‘Back’ (in the browser form) Resolved a crash involving empty […]