Speeed Reader [11/19/2009]

Note: Please see http://emuneee.com/eeenno-mobile for more Speeed Reader news, this site has been retired

Speeed Reader by eeenno

Google Reader Client for Windows Phones

What is Google Reader?

New video coming soon!

(Current Version: v0.93 Build 3610)

Download > http://eeenno.emuneee.com/SpeeedReader/download/SpeeedReader_093.cab

Speeed Reader is a Google Reader client for Windows Phones.  It connects users to their Google Reader accounts, allowing them to view and share articles on their Windows Phones.

Follow Speeed Reader on Twitter for application updates and to ask any questions! (http://twitter.com/SpeeedReader)

If you enjoy Speeed Reader, please consider a donation 🙂  Your participation is greatly appreciated either way!

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Windows Mobile Professional 5/6.0/6.1/6.5

Windows Mobile Standard 5/6.0/6.1/6.5

.NET Compact Framework v3.5

Release History

V0.93 – November 19, 2009

  • Bug Fix: Crash when starting Speeed Reader with cachning disabled (introduced in v0.92)
  • Bug Fix: Minor layout issues in the UI

V0.92 – November 18, 2009

  • Bug Fix: Passwords containing ‘&’ result in login issue (fixes login issue for some users)
  • Bug Fix: Search index always zero
  • Bug Fix: Not requesting all new articles in last refresh (with caching enabled)
  • Bug Fix: Crash when starring a reading list article
  • Bug Fix: Reading List, Starred, Shared Lists unreadable when coming out of offline mode

V0.91 – November 11, 2009

  • New Feature: 2 new themes (Noir – dark/black, Beach – coral/turquoise)
  • Enhancement: When navigating between multi-page lists, Speeed Reader will remember your page
  • Enhancement: Added bytes transferred (estimate) to the about screen
  • Enhancement: General Performance Increases/Memory Management
  • Bug Fix: Storage Card in Non-English Locale’s Not ID’d Correctly
  • Bug Fix: Clicking last item in reading list causes a crash
  • Bug Fix: Download More articles index is inaccurate

V0.90 – October 23, 2009

  • New feature: Article Caching/Offline mode
  • New feature: Search
  • New feature: Share articles via email/sms
  • New feature: Download more articles for tag reading list
  • New feature: Mark (new) articles unread
  • New feature: Hide read subscriptions and articles
  • Enhancement: Now using Bit.ly for URL shortening
  • Enhancement: Dynamic manual article refreshing
  • Enhancement: Progress bar is back
  • Enhancement: Correct font sizes for QVGA devices
  • Enhancement: Newly designed settings UI
  • Enhancement: New Mirabyte Controls module
  • Bug Fix: Feed URLs contain ‘?’ now load correctly (no more “There are 0 articles to read”)

V0.83 – August 4, 2009

  • Bug fix: Attempting to open articles in external browser (besides IE/Opera) resulted in a program crash
  • Bug fix: Some characters now display correctly (ie. ;quot& is now “)
  • Bug fix: Twitter panel shows wrong character count if you edit the Tweet
  • Enhancement: Full Windows Mobile Standard support

V0.82 – July 23, 2009

  • Bug fix: Application error when Google Reader account contains 0 unread articles

V0.81 – July 22, 2009

  • Bug fix: Unable to open article in external browser while viewing the article using the internal browser
  • Bug fix: Articles “kept unread” in Google Reader desktop will be marked as read in Speeed Reader
  • Bug fix: Some users weren’t able to login even though their credentials were correct

V0.80 – July 20, 2009

  • Share articles using your Twitter account
  • Broadcast articles using the Google Reader Broadcast function
  • Open articles in your default browser (recommended for Windows Mobile 6.5 users)
  • Now view list of articles by page – this allows you to set the ‘Download Size’ higher than before – also you can download older articles for any given subscription
  • Mark all of your articles as read, you can also just mark a tag, subscription, or article as read as well
  • Settings are now stored in SpeeedReader.ini in the application program directory.  Makes it easy to use the same settings across different devices
  • Redesigned settings UI
  • Additional performance enhancements, bug fixes, code simplification, and additional settings have been added

V0.71 – June 10, 2009

  • Added auto-login capabilities, this option can be toggled at the login screen and in the settings
  • Added the option to load the reading list at startup
  • Renamed ‘Close’ to ‘Back’ (in the browser form)
  • Resolved a crash involving empty subscription list, program will end gracefully J
  • Code tightening and optimization

V0.70 – June 1, 2009

  • New icon for program
  • Icons by each tag, subscription, article displaying whether an item is read, unread, starred
  • UI redesign (consolidation tabs into one)
  • Touch scrolling in the browser
  • Ability to star articles
  • Ability to hide read articles
  • Multi-language support
  • Resolved issues with encoding (some characters did not display correctly)
  • Resolved issues with QVGA devices

V0.60 May 20, 2009

  • Fixed two crashes dealing with empty lists
  • Fixed crash where closing login form using the corner X/Ok causes unpredictable program behavior
  • Significant loading performance speed up
  • Ability to view reading list for all tags (excludes ‘Untagged’ tagged since there is no official Google Reader tag for this)
  • AppToDate Support – need to have AppToDate (http://www.apptodate.org/get) installed to use this feature

V0.50  – May 17, 2009

  • Implemented Mirabyte Touch UI for finger friendly lists and scrolling
  • Fixed bug where Google API token would expire preventing the application from marking articles as read after some time
  • Fixed crashes where no network/internet access exist
  • Fixed bug where an article marked as read on the home tab wasn’t marked read in the Tag tab
  • Fixed issue with screen layout/sizing problems on devices with lower screen resolutions
  • Fixed backwards scroll when scrolling through lists

V0.10  – April 25, 2009

  • Initial Release

Future Features

  • Manipulating subscriptions (add/remove feeds)

Known Issues (to be fixed in future releases)

  • Any changes made to subscriptions, tags, etc. in the desktop client will not be reflected in Speeed Reader unless you restart the application
  • There is a memory leak in the internal web browser (.NET Compact Framework issue, out of my control).  The internal browser will grab memory and not release it when using it to view articles.  The problem is exacerbated even more if the article contains a lot of images.  Please uncheck ‘Download Images’ to minimize this issue.  You can also view articles in your default external browser to fully minimize this issue.  Once Speeed Reader is closed, all memory is released back to the device however.
  • Windows Mobile 6.5 users, the implementation of Pocket IE has changed, which negatively effects the behavior of the internal web browser.  Please use the external web browser.  See settings for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does article caching work? Article caching (when enabled) works by saving all the articles loaded in Speeed Reader onto your device (or memory card). You can save an infinite or finite number of articles.  However, your device’s hardware configuration will restrict this.  The more articles you cache, the more memory you will use.

The cache is located:

  • Memory Card: \Storage Card\SpeeedReaderCache\<username>\
  • Device: \Program Files\SpeeedReaderCache\<username>\

The article caching occurs after each FULL refresh.  Article caching allows two things a) offline mode b) quicker accesses to new content.  I will explain a) later.  When you have articles stored, after a fresh application start, Speeed Reader will load you’re a cache articles THEN download newer articles from Google Reader.  If you use Speeed Reader often, this will speed up downloads.

Offline mode works by disabling all internet access in Speeed Reader.  You can enable offline mode two ways.  The login screen -> Menu -> Login Offline or Settings -> Behavior.  A cache must exist before you can enable offline mode.  Remember, the cache is created only after a full refresh.  Once logged into the offline mode, Speeed Reader will present your tags to you.  You can navigate them normally and Speeed Reader will load each subscription as you click on them.  Don’t worry about the “0 Unread Articles”.  Trust they are there.  This will be fixed in a future maintenance release.

How does article search work? Article search can be started by going to Menu -> Search.  You can then input your search terms.  If you want to search multiple terms, please separate them by a comma.  Click the search button and Speeed Reader will begin searching all loaded articles on your device.

How does dynamic manual refresh work? In older versions of Speeed Reader, clicking refresh will always refresh all of your articles.  In v0.90, clicking refresh has different actions depending on what you are looking at.  For example, if you are viewing the CNN feed, hitting refresh will refresh only that feed.  If you are viewing your “Cars” tag, hitting refresh will refresh that tag.  If you are viewing a reading list, starred list, or share list, clicking refresh will refresh that list only.  Finally, if you are viewing all your tags, hitting refresh will execute a full refresh.

The login page changed, how can I save my login information and enable login automatically?  From the login screen, Menu -> Rememeber Me/Login Automatically

Does the developer see my username and password when I use Speeed Reader? No, it is simply used to authenticate with your Google Reader account.  The only parties using this information are the Google Reader server and Speeed Reader on your device.  If you choose to use the ‘Remember Me’ feature, the password is stored and encrypted on the device.

How do I view my Google Tag articles (Broadcast, Star, Reading List)? These articles have been moved to the menu.  From the main screen, Menu -> View.

What is the Mark As Read behavior?

  • If you are viewing your tags: none selected -> mark all tags as read — tag selected -> selected tag marked as read
  • If you are viewing a tag’s subscriptions: none selected -> mark all subscriptions (or the tag) as read — subscription selected -> selected subscription marked as read
  • If you are viewing a subscription’s articles: none selected -> mark all articles (subscription) as read — article selected -> selected article marked as read

What is a reading list?  A reading list is a list of recent articles (set of 15 by default), sorted by date.  You can have a reading list that pulls from all your subscriptions, or a reading list that pulls from the subscriptions with a specified tag.

What is AppToDate?  AppToDate is a utility that can check for updates for applications that support AppToDate.  In order to use this functionality with Speeed Reader, you must have AppToDate installed (apptodate.org/get) and install Speeed Reader to the ‘Device’.



  • Page Size – the number of items that will be listed on a “page”.  If the number of items that exist for a give list is greater than the page size, additional pages will be created
  • Enable List Transitions – when checked, this enables the transitions seen when navigating from Tags -> Subscriptions -> Articles, etc.  Some devices may experience slow transitions or users may just want this disabled.  Disabling this speeds up the application.
  • Show Full Screen – will disable the top menu bar, bottom bar disabling will come in v0.91
  • Show Progress Bar – Will show the progress bar at the bottom when checked
  • Show Icons – Will show the icons next to each list item, unchecking this reduces the memory footprint


  • Refresh Interval – sets the interval between refreshes, can also be disabled
  • Search Results – sets the number of articles that are returned when searching articles
  • Login Automatically – when checked, Speeed Reader will attempt to login using the saved user credentials
  • Show Reading List At Startup – when checked, Speeed Reader will load and display the Reading List once the application has logged in
  • Always Use Default Browser – when checked, articles will load in your default external web browser.  This is highly recommended for Windows Mobile 6.5 users.
  • Hide Read Items – when checked, will hide subscriptions with 0 read articles and read articles


  • Artcicle Cache Location – Specify the location of the article cache (device or memory card).  You can also disable article caching here.
  • Articles To Cache Per Feed – Specify the number of articles max that are cached per feed.
  • You can delete the cache by going to Menu -> Clear Cache


  • Download Size – the number of articles that will be downloaded for a subscription or reading list.  The higher this number, the longer the download will take.  Also, if you have a lot of subscriptions, setting this value to be very high may result in undesirable program behavior
  • Download Images – when checked, Speeed Reader will download images (if any) for display in the internal browser
  • Offline Mode – when checked, puts Speeed Reader into offline mode (no internet access)


Add your Twitter account credentials to be able to share articles using your Twitter account

  • Shorten URL – when checked, Speeed Reader, will change a article URL into a Bit.ly URL (so you can enter longer Tweets)

97 Responses to “Speeed Reader [11/19/2009]”

  1. 1 tonie

    nice..i’ll give it a try

  2. 2 Eric

    Nice idea… I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. The fact that when I read it on my phone, it updated it on the google reader page (WOW). Now, I just hope you can fine tune the gui 🙂 If you need help in any ways, testing, idea, just let me know.

    Thanks, Eric

    • 3 emuneee

      Thanks. I actually got the UI setup today and it works WWWAAAAAAYYY better than the UI in 0.1. I will be rolling this version out in the next couple days.

      • 4 Eric

        SUPER!! I’m impatient to see that 😀

      • 5 Eric

        How is new version going?

      • 6 emuneee

        Coming well. I am testing it now for any last minute issues/bugs. If all goes well, I’ll upload it tonight.

      • 7 Eric

        Super 🙂

  3. 8 sander

    Nice program. still in noticable in alpha 😉
    new gui looks indeed way better 😀

    I hope you can make it happen to have a button like “next item” in the browser tab.

    also, it worked once for me and the next day it couldn’t load any new rss items…

  4. 9 Benji

    Does this work for Google Apps users? I have my personal domain hooked up with Google Apps and use a non-Gmail login for Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, etc. I use the non-@gmail login for Reader as well.

    I noticed in the video it says to login without the ‘@gmail.com’ — this kinda makes me thing you have have an account ending with ‘@gmail.com’ to use this product?!

    • 10 emuneee

      Theoretically you can use a Google Apps account. You would have to include the domain, ted.turner@companyx.com. Try it out, it should work. If not, I will investigate this.

      • 11 birdie


        I have the same problem, no gmail account.

        when loging in with my account birdie@xxxxx.xxx I just get “Unable to login, try again”

        Any help would be great.


      • 12 emuneee

        Thanks! What happened was I am adding @gmail.com after every username which is causing this error. I will get the fix into v0.7 and release it tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback.

  5. 13 chris10230

    Hi just found this, firstly i would agree with eric, open a XDA-Developers thread will help alot with testing/feedback

    I have one slight problem, all of the web pages dont finger scroll, it just selects the text for that region i move over. Is this normal? also i am running newer version of ie i think its IE6.

    Thanks for the great app, have been looking for one like this for well since i got my phone a year ago!

  6. 15 Pavel

    Does it work? Probably only with the predefined channels?
    No synchronization with PC at all. So how to add new channel? Tried to type – it cannot find blogs from the Google.

  7. 16 Pavel

    Sorry for the previous comment – I did it too fast. Please delete it.
    On HTC Touch Diamond it does not start. Actually this is the first app I see that does not work on this phone. Probably a trouble .NET Compact Framework on this phone.

    • 17 emuneee

      Do you know what version of .NET Compact Framework you are running? Does the application start then crash, or just not start at all?

  8. 18 Tappet

    This is a great beginning! Two features, one major and one minor, that I would like to see.

    The minor one is that it would be nice to have a way to hide tags/feeds/etc. that have no new articles. No big deal, it would just be nice.

    The major issue is that currently there is no way to star items for later reading. This is a major issue, since many times there are things that need to be read or seen (notably videos) on a regular computer screen. This feature is a blocker for me, I’m afraid. Still, I love the concept here, and I’m installing AppToDate just to keep an eye out for future versions!

  9. 19 Tappet

    Uh-oh! the link above is still giving me the 0.5 version — invisible to AppToDate. Let me know when the new one is available.


    • 20 emuneee

      The posted version should be the correct version. There is a typo in the about screen, it should be v0.6 Build 3427. Not v0.5. I’ll be adding the ability to star items to v0.7.

      • 21 Tappet

        OK, thanks. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  10. That’s what I was looking for! But I have a question, as there’s no official Google Reader API, aren’t we breaking the EULA by using a third-party application to access our data using non-official API’s?

  11. 23 Lucas

    Can I learn from you how to install 6.5 on my X1?

  12. 24 Jeannette


    The link at mediafire is giving out v0.5 at the moment.


  13. 27 koohan

    doesnt work with Touch Pro2

  14. 28 mark

    would love offline caching of google reader feeds…please, please, please…prssreader is the only other reader that I know that had this feature, but is no longer being updated.

  15. 29 jpmatrix

    this is a wonderful piece of software i was looking for for long days!!! thank you !!!

    i think what you should add is a quick read/unread toogle button or menu or keyboard shortcut. i mean on google reader desktop, you just have to scroll to toogle the read status. this is great when you have lot of feeds 😉
    i think the keyboard shorcut would be the perfect solution for that ( i have an HP iPaq 614c with standard telephone keyboard)
    thanks in advance 😉

  16. 30 jpmatrix

    you should correct the download link, it points elsewhere 🙂

  17. 31 ALJ

    Download not working …

    “This file is currently set to private. If this problem persists or you need further assistance, contact support.”

  18. 33 Martin

    GREAT WORK! Thumbs up!

    I have the HTC Touch 3G / Jade, works great! But in the “tabs” I can’t use my the 4-wheel-button? Touchscreen-navigation works…

    Keep on developing! It is great!

    • 34 emuneee

      Thanks for the feedback, what version of the program are you using?

  19. Great app!!!!!

    But i find one problem. There is any form to mark all item read??

    I have a HTC HD and i canńt mark all item for one seed read at one time.

    sorry for my poor english

  20. Great!!!

    Can’t wait.

  21. 38 Trish

    For some reason, I can’t log in. I know I’m using the right login and password, and it is a gmail account. I’m on a Samsung Epix.

    Could it be that it’s not letting me log in if I’m already logged into the account either on the same device (WM mail, Google Apps for Mobile), or on my PC (gmail/reader is pretty much always open on my laptop)?

    • 39 emuneee

      It should be letting you login. As far as I know, you can login from multiple method simultaneously. That’s a weird problem. I need more information however, to try and solve your issue.

  22. 40 andrea

    is there any hope to see your beutiful software running on windows mobile classic?

    anyway great work!

    : )

    • 41 emuneee

      Support for Windows Mobile classic will be rolling out with v0.80 within the next week.

  23. I can’t download the .cab file. Where is the latest version of Speed Reader? I would like to test it and write a test for Hungarian Google Reader users. 😉

  24. 45 Tappet

    Great work! With version .8x, Speeed Reader has become useful enough to become my default reader. Well done, indeed.

    A little bit of feedback for future versions:

    1. When I read an article, the “upstream” article counts don’t decrease. So for example, if I go to my “software” tag and read an article from one of the feeds, and then hit back, that feed still shows the article in its unread count. Minor detail, but I thought you’d like to know.

    2. Opening articles in the default browser causes a crash if the default browser is Skyfire, rather than PIE. Again, not a big deal for me (I haven’t yet run into memory problems).

    3. I do have one request: would it be possible to have a setting to make only those tags/subscriptions that have unread items visible? I have a fair number of tags, and it would make finding the ones that have been updated much easier. The subscriptions part is less of a big deal, of course, because I can just go to the tag reading list.

    Once again, great work! I’m a huge GReader addict, and this makes it that much easier to “feed the beast!”

  25. 46 TigrouTigreFou

    Awesome ! This version is awesome ! Just before my holidays you included the “mark as read” for an entire folder !
    Great job !
    Thx for all !

  26. 47 Lynx

    Would it be possible to retrofit your program for those of us still using WM2003 and .net 2.0? That would be great. I THINK it would work as-is if I had .net 3.5 but that’s a bit taxing on older pda’s. Thanks!

    • 48 emuneee

      I can attempt to do this, but I am unsure of the results. I will try however.

  27. 49 John

    Hi, I really like Speed Reader. However, the one thing that kind of make it cumbersome for me, is that when viewing items it would make sense to be able to go to the prev/next article by scrolling left/right. The way it works now, I go from my reading list to click on the item, then have to use the back button to go back to the reading list and select another.

    • 50 emuneee

      Hi John, this is a often requested feature. I will add this to v0.90. thanks.

  28. 51 Max

    Is WM2003SE support planned?

    • 52 emuneee

      Currently, WM2003SE support isn’t a priority until other features are implemented.

  29. 53 Marshall

    Hi There.

    Thanks for the hard work on your software! I have a verizon HTC ozone. It loads perfectly fine, however when I try to read a individual post, it won’t let me scroll down via the Dpad. The only thing that works on the dpad is the right button which is mapped as the back button. Is there anyway to remap some keys on my end or is that something you have to do

    Thanks again for you hard work and your software

  30. 54 emuneee

    Do you still get this problem. I know Twitter was down for a while.

  31. 55 vickiho

    Just found this. Am really liking it, thanks for making a great program. 🙂

  32. 56 Razma

    Thanks a lot for Speed Reader!

    Here is a quick feedback when using Speed Reader 0.8.3 on my X1.

    Sometimes, by presing the left arrow key, it goes back two times instead of one. This happens ~1/3rd of the time, both when exiting the reader pane or a sublist pane.

    Menu option “mark as Read” is available even if item is already marked as read. Maybe a swith to “mark as unread”?

    That would be so nice to have 1:
    By default, when entering a list, highlight the first item. Currently, I have to press the down keyboard.

    That would be so nice to have 2:
    I’d rather have the very first page to be a list of the different views (“Broadcast”, “Reading List”, “Starred”, “Tags”). This way, navigation would be consistent throughout all the application (instead to have a mixed menu interface then panel interface).

    Difficult to say it’s a bug but that would be so nice to have 3:
    When going back to a parent list from a sublist/item, the parent item should be highlighted and visible. Currently the parent list is “reset”: no item highlighted, showing top elements of page 1 of the list (even if going back from page 2…)

    UI Choice:
    having “back button” on the right is counterintuitive, since, the screen scrolls left when pressing it and it has the same behavior as pressing the left key. I would rather have the “Menu” and “Back” soft buttons switch places.

    UI Choice:
    Would it be possible to have item actions (mark as read, star…) available as a “long press” on an item?

    Sorry for this long list… which does not reflect the very fact that apart from those wishes, it works well, is fast and looks very nice!


    • 57 emuneee

      Thanks for your feedback. Look for some of these enhancements in the next version of Speeed Reader!

  33. 58 Tariq

    Hey fantastic program. Great Job!

    A couple of feature requests/suggestions:

    1. Option to hide tags (folders) with 0 unread articles (would make it easier to navigate for new items)

    2. Option to sort by date in reverse (oldest to newest)

    • 59 emuneee

      Thanks for your feedback. Look for some of these enhancements in the next version of Speeed Reader!

  34. 60 Karel Jack

    Hey.. just tried this program and I am digging it.
    Just one point for the wish-list… saving the feeds to the phone or sd card so I can read while offline. With my primary rss reader mDigger, I can start the app and have access to articles without needing to connect.
    If this functionality can be added, that would be awesome.

  35. 62 sakula

    THis is great software, and while I can’t complain about the price, the only thing that keeps me from perhaps making a donation is it not working 100%. There are several feeds that work fine in google reader, and show up in speeed reader as x unread articles etc, but when I try to read the articles, it always says, 0 articles to load. Here is a feed that doesn’t load – http://rss.canada.com/get/?F233 ..

    Also, I personally would like to use opera (on my touch pro) to read the article, but use the ie (or whatever) to preview the article. When you click on a feed story, it goes to a preview, then you can ‘read the whole article’.. The first read (the preview) should be with the internal browser you use, then reading the actual article should use the external browser. Know what I mean. Right now if i choose use external browser, then the ‘preview’ is opened up in the external browser. And is there a way to not download the tags if there is no articles in them?

    Other than that great…. I was about to buy sbsh go news, but this is much better functional wise.

  36. found a bug concerning settings…

    if i click on appearance, the new menu isnt visible – it appears behind appearance, behavior and social – so it unusable

  37. What about encoding? Russian text in articles is not readable.

  38. Thanks so much for keeping the application updated. Keep it up!

  39. 68 Tappet

    Sad to say, I have some bad news. I was using Speeed reader quite happily until I upgraded my phone to a WinMo 6.5 model yesterday. On 6.5, the articles cannot be read; they load, but you cannot scroll in any direction once they do. There are no scroll bars, and finger-scrolling doesn’t work. Sorry if this delays the .9 release, but I thought you’d want to know.

    BTW, on the up side, the app looks great in WVGA resolution!

  40. Thanks for developing this wonderful soft ,I am from China ,and I love this soft very much . Just a few questions :

    1) When I use this software ,the Chinese font looks very strange and nearly unable to read , Can it be selected to use PPC default font so it can support Chinese ?

    2)Maybe Speeed Reader can add one option which allows downloading all unread issue and then view it offline (rightnow if i close this software ,i have to access to internet to download the unread issue again when i start it up) . Downloading all unread issue and read it offline means a lot ,it will save more internet traffic and battery(especially this option works when i go on trip).

    3) As we all know , lots of websites are blocked by Chinese Goverment (your blog also are blocked ,i am now using proxy ip to visit your blog). One of my reason to use Google Reader is that it can break Goverment Internet Block and download the rss article which is not allowed to see in China. However, when i use speeed reader,it unable to download these Rss’s issues. What can i do to view these RSS in speeed Reader?

    Looks forward to your reply (By mail if possible)
    Thanks again

  41. 72 Louis

    Great program! I just installed it after trying other readers that sync with Google, and this one works the best so far. Functionally it’s perfect, but in your “copious free time” I might make it a bit prettier or allow color customization. The red highlight bar is kinda harsh. Overall, though, definitely a great job!

  42. 74 peter

    missing couple of things.

    mark feeds as read automaticlly as you scroll down the titles.
    see next article in article section (using arows on keypad etc.)

    Otherwise very nice interface and has a great potential. Keep it that way.

  43. 76 GoogleReader

    I could not use offline mode when using 0.90 version.
    Everything else is better than before.
    I think google reader is better than any other feeder, and Speed Reader is better than SPB News and SHSH News until now.
    So I just wish you could improve your reader until it is perfect.

    • 77 emuneee

      Offline mode is a work in progress. I will make offline mode as usable as possible in the next couple maintenance releases.

  44. great app indeed!! good job buddy~

  45. hello,

    im trying Speed Reader here the first time with version 0.90. im trying to use the chaching and offline mode on my german xda Diamond. This does not work because i have changed the name of the storage card in the registry. could you please get the name of the storage card folder from the registry? Or maybe, let me specify the path to the cache manualy?

    BTW: the path/name in my device is stored on HKLM\System\StorageManager\Profiles\moviNAND\Folder

  46. Very good work!!!

    Like you said the option to delete all items at once and is scheduled. But I still missing something, I explain:

    If I download a seed with 100 articles but only gives me time to read 50, you could do to delete all items from a single page or transition (configurable from options in page size) and leave me to read the others later?

  47. 82 Eric

    Thanks for the update. It looks much better 🙂 You should open a thread on XDA Forum, you would get a lot of tester and feedback.

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