Just some news on Speeed Reader v1.0.  It is 99% done and will be entering Marketplace for Mobile certification soon (Wednesday).  The price will be (drum roll) $2.49.

For those asking what if I cannot access the marketplace for some reason.  I will be distributing the software via Handango and my own site by the end of December (about the time the application passes certification).

Finally, I will be posting a 10 day demo of the software tomorrow.  And yes, I thoroughly solved the problem for Windows Mobile 6.5 users where the text was huge and scrolling was not enabled.


Can’t Login?


If you are currently unable to login.  Try this:

  1. Go to \Program Files\Speeed Reader\
  2. Open speeedreader.ini in some type of text file editing application (Total Commander for example)
  3. Change the value of EnableDataWhileRoaming from false (default) to true
  4. Save your changes and close the file

If this works for you, then your problem was (thanks to an explanation by Gerrit – beta tester) your wireless service provider may have a contract with another wireless provider to use their network.  In some cases, when you are using this other network, your Windows Mobile device thinks it’s roaming (which is technically true).  This setting simply disables data usage while roaming because data usage while roaming can be very expensive (so use this tweak at your own risk).

I introduced a crash last night where if you start Speeed Reader with caching disabled, it crashes.  Well I fixed it.  Sorry 🙂

V0.93 – November 19, 2009

  • Bug Fix: Crash when starting Speeed Reader with cachning disabled (introduced in v0.92)
  • Bug Fix: Minor layout issues in the UI



Primarily a maintenance release (fixes for the following user and beta tester reported bugs):

  • Bug: Passwords containing ‘&’ result in login issue (fixes login issue for some users)
  • Bug: Search index always zero
  • Bug: Not requesting all new articles in last refresh (with caching enabled)
  • Bug: Crash when starring a reading list article
  • Bug: Reading List, Starred, Shared Lists unreadable when coming out of offline mode

Notice:  If you are having an issue logging in after trying Speeed Reader v0.92 please email me with the answers to the following questions:

  • Type of non-alphabaetic/non-numeric characters in your username/password
  • Country/Language you are using on your Windows Mobile device

I am trying to form some type of profile for users that are unable to login successfully.



Speeed Reader is nominated for “Best Windows Mobile Freeware 2009” at http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ in the miscellaneous software category.  Please vote for Speeed Reader and other great Windows Mobile software and you will be entered into a drawing to win the magnificent HTC Touch HD2.

Direct Link -> http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/awards/


V0.91 – November 11, 2009

  • New Feature: 2 new themes (Noir – dark/black, Beach – coral/turquoise)
  • Enhancement: When navigating between multi-page lists, Speeed Reader will remember your page
  • Enhancement: Added bytes transferred (estimate) to the about screen
  • Enhancement: General Performance Increases/Memory Management
  • Enhancement: Made error logging user configurable
  • Bug Fix: Storage Card in Non-English Locale’s Not ID’d Correctly
  • Bug Fix: Clicking last item in reading list causes a crash
  • Bug Fix: Download More articles index is inaccurate


Remember, support questions, suggestions, ideas, please send to SpeeedReader@gmail.com

Also, follow SpeeedReader on Twitter -> http://twitter.com/SpeeedReader

Found a great article on how virtual memory on Windows Mobile devices is handled.  If you have an application all of a sudden exit/quit on you, well you application has run out of virtual memory.