Speeed Reader UI – Login Screen


The first screen is done.  It is a login screen that requests your Google account information.  This is required to access the feeds stored in your Google Reader account.  It’s a simple screen with textboxes for the username and password.  There is also an option to save your information so you can avoid typing it in every time.  This information is stored in the registry on your Windows Mobile device.  Currently it’s stored as text..LOL…but when the alpha build is released, it’ll be encrypted/hashed then stored.

Everything is functional.  If you enter a valid username and password, the application, brings you to a blank form…which is acting as a placeholder for the ‘Home’ screen for Speeed Reader.

I spent more time figuring out a method to use for my user interfaces.  Since a UI is involved, threading is a MUST to keep the user interface responsive.  I have about 7 callbacks for the worker threads to use access the login screen’s control.  The only task remaining is ensuring the screen displays correctly when the screen is rotated (ie. portrait mode).



One Response to “Speeed Reader UI – Login Screen”

  1. 1 tonie

    hi,really look forward to this.

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