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Big news this weekend was related to the Android based Google phone.  The rumours: Quad-band 3G (AT&T & T-Mobile US 3G compatibility) 5MP camera Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor Google Customized Android 2.X OS Sold unlocked in the US I don’t know how true the rumours are, but this will probaly be my Android device if (or […]

I think its dope  I need this Motorola Droid in my life.



Whats up people, I just wanted to let everyone know what are the 10 Most Valuable Windows Mobile Programs (MV(WM)P) to me!  In no particular order: Twikini – To be honest, by far the best (for me) Twitter client available for Windows Mobile.  Twikini continues to be updated as well.  I hope they add searching […]

Pretty active day in the mobile realm.  Some reviews, product announcements, and hands-on. Sony Ericsson Launched three handsets today.  The Satio, Aino, & Yari. Satio – Aino – Yari – T-Mobile/HTC G2 Gizmodo has a brief review of a prototype T-Mobile/HTC G2 Android device up.  Looks really nice, better than the G1. […]

via Phone is definately intriguing.  It’ll be interesting to see which US GSM operators pick this device up.

Whats up, I received a Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1a yesterday, November 26th via FedEx after months of waiting.  Just wanted to write up my opinions on the device for anyone who is curious in purchasing or just curious.  I used the device on AT&T’s 850/1900MHz 3G/HSPDA network. First Impressions & Build Quality Once I got […]

I just preordered a Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1a from Sony Style.  They say it will ship around 11/21/2008.  Can’t wait to get it.  I’ll post a mini-review with pictures as soon as I can get my hands on it.